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As illustrated in the 6 Pillar diagram, CAMMS is one of only a few corporations globally that offers a complete end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence suite which is fully integrated across planning, measurement, scorecards, risk management, project management, employee evaluation, budgeting and forecasting.

The CAMMS EPM and BI Suite Pillar diagram is reflective of the global enterprise performance management trend of having close connections to your direction and what you need to do (your strategy), how you do it, your delivery engine and the driving forces behind that shift in culture.

CAMMS integrated EPM + BI suite delivers:

  • Commercial off the shelf functionality including tighter integration of the business process and associated business models
  • A real alternative to the high cost solutions provided by many suppliers – it is affordable!
  • Lower cost of overall implementation
  • Flexibility – scalability for large enterprises, yet able to adapt to give our client the best fit
  • Strategy led, end-to-end EPM solutions which is consistent with international EPM trends.

CAMMS offers a broad range of solutions ideally suited towards companies that require a comprehensive EPM Strategy. As a company, our origins and specialisation have been in Strategic EPM, offering clients comprehensive planning, forecasting and strategy management capabilities. Unlike many solutions which focus primarily on measuring performance, CAMMS suite of products empowers an organisation by incorporating the key management functions of strategy execution...


CAMMS unmatched product functionalities are flexible and adaptable to a wide range of market verticals, having been designed by planning and performance experts. It is this unique blend of expertise and experience which underpins CAMMS strong track record in the provision and implementation of integrated planning and performance management solutions globally...


CAMMS highly skilled team of management consultants and industry experts have been helping organisations worldwide bring planning and performance management to life since 1996. Our proven methodology brings together our extensive management experience, knowledge of personnel management, organisational structures, and management systems expertise to provide real added value to our clients...